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Brian Alquist
Small Business Strategist/
Certified Business Coach

I am the founder and president of 1Direction Strategy, a certified business coach, and small business strategist.

I understand the rewards and challenges of small business ownership – because I’ve lived it. I worked in the corporate world for more than 30 years while together with my wife, raising four children. For 20 years, I’d fly off to Brazil, Japan, or Germany and return home after an exhausting week or two to a mountain of work, an active and important family life, and a demanding C-level executive schedule. Something had to change. In 2014, after re-evaluating my priorities, and in close consultation with my doctor and family (and a little help from my former boss), I started my own company and have worked hard to build a successful business of which I am very proud.

With decades of business experience with companies having revenues ranging from less than $millions to $billions, a well-rounded educational background, and an impressive array of professional certifications, I am uniquely positioned to share my learnings and tools with success-minded owners like you so that you can achieve more with your business and have a better life than you ever thought possible.

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What people are saying…

“Brian and I met in 2009 and am very pleased to have done so. His professional approach to his life and business are second to none. Doing what he says he will do is exactly what happens. Brian treats everyone he encounters with respect and curiosity. I would say ‘Rare’ today. His persona is perfect for his clients’ success. Brian is a Win, Win, Win!” 

– Daniel Moneypenny, Owner, ImaginIt.