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Deep down, you know that something’s not right. You’re working hard, your company is growing, and you’re making money. But, you’re wearing too many hats, always putting out fires, and can’t stop thinking about your to-do list. Living life to the fullest is just a dream. It’s time to stop working “in” the business and to start working “on” it.

Our Programs are designed to help you gain clarity of vision and to get on and stay on a path to more success. We do this by providing the systems, strategies and discipline needed to support and sustain growth.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is for business owners who are prepared to make at least a 6-month commitment to taking a deliberate and disciplined approach to problem solving, personal development and timely execution against well-conceived goals. You’ll maintain direct access to your small business strategist for input on issues as they arise and participate in Planning Events, and Educational Events for critical skills building.

Team & Group Coaching

Team Coaching is applied to Management or Project Teams. Team Coaching gets your teams aligned and focused on action.  Ongoing coaching will help boost teamwork and efficiency in the pursuit of team goals. Group Coaching techniques are applied during Educational and Planning Events to enhance learning through interactions with peers across multiple industries.


1. Get Acquainted

We’ll start with a comprehensive personal assessment that will help you gain deep insights into your own observable behaviors and thinking styles. The scope of assessments can be expanded to include key members of your team for further clarity on business culture and for team-building.

2. Get Aligned

Next, we’ll take a deep dive into your business situation to identify key areas of focus to start your journey – we call the deep dive the “Business Alignment”. From the Business Alignment will come clarity of vision, goals and strategies summarized in the form of a 1-Page Business Plan. Each quarter, you’ll focus on select goals from your 1-Page Plan and implement strategies and actions that will take your business to the next level.

3. Get Focused

Armed with a Plan, you’ll meet at regular intervals with your small business strategist who will hold you accountable for implementing strategies intended to help you achieve your business and personal development goals. Your hour-long sessions represent your unwavering commitment to action in the areas of problem solving, strategy implementation, and personal development.

4. Get Smart

Our Educational Events bring focused attention to relevant and important topics that will keep you focused on learning and skills development. You’ll dedicate about two hours each month for this purpose. Topics are presented by experts and are accompanied by practical tools that will enhance learning and application of learned skills.



Gain clarity of vision and on the actions needed to achieve more with your business than you ever thought possible.


Build a great team and create a systems-oriented organization that  allows the business to increasingly function without you.


Bring focused attention to growth in profits and cash flow by smartly leveraging resources that generate a good return and more personal income.


Do the things necessary to increase the value of your business and create a marketable enterprise that on exit will fund your retirement.

Are you ready for meaningful change?

You have a choice. You can act independently and work to implement changes that will bring more success. Or, you can explore the advantages of working with a small business strategist to take a structured and disciplined approach to achieving more success and freedom than you ever imagined. That’s our business!

Your journey starts here!

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