Success Scorecard Assessment

Scorecard Assessment

Your business is more than just a job you’ve created for yourself, but rather, it’s there to help you earn a fair market wage, get a great return on your investment in time and money, and to serve you in ways that will help you get more out of life; all of the above in excess of that which you would otherwise achieve working for someone else. It’s this foundation principle on which our definition of success for small business owners is built… a profitable commercial enterprise that works without you…”!

Our Success Scorecard represents a quantitative measure of success that’s widely used to chart where you stand with your business today – the starting point for all journeys in pursuit of more success. Framed around our incredible 7 Steps to a Great Business platform, our straightforward Success Scorecard Assessment has helped hundreds of small business owners identify strengths and areas for improvement, and to chart strategies to achieve goals that will result in more success. It also provides much needed insights and motivation to accelerate your success journey forward.

Scorecard Assessment Example

After completing the Success Scorecard questionnaire, you’ll receive a detailed summary report (example above) along with strategies for how to improve your performance during your success journey, all within the 7 Steps to a Great Business platform.

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