What Every Leader Needs To Know About Leadership

Warren Bennis, the grandfather of leadership, describes leadership like this… “Leadership is like beauty, it’s difficult to define, but you know it when you see it…”. Effective leadership is critically important to your small business, especially considering the unprecedented pace and nature of change that we face today. Despite the important need for leadership, more than 86% of respondents to a recent World Economic Forum Survey believe that we are in a state of leadership crisis.

Effective leadership helps anticipate and navigate the forces acting on our business that conspire to take us down. Leadership sets a tone for business culture and helps maximize efficiency and profitability. And, importantly, it spawns new leaders and is a source of competitive advantage.

What do effective leaders actually do? In short, it’s all about managing the emotions in a business culture. Leaders define the business vision and exert influence on people, practicing empathy, and through effective communication, in pursuit of the company’s goals. They help resolve conflicts and bring critical focus on achievement.

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