You’ve got to pay to play

When asked about the single factor that distinguishes highly successful people from modestly successful people, the answer is clear… highly successful people develop a vision (a goal or a plan) and they do what is necessary to achieve the vision (or goal or plan). In other words, they don’t allow limitations in time and money, skills and abilities, obstacles, and analysis to define the goals that they pursue or achieve.

In his incredible “Do It” speech, Art Williams, founder of Primerica Financial Services, brilliantly expounds on the importance of taking decisive action i.e. “just do it” in the pursuit of success (no matter how small or big that you define success).  Williams identifies the importance of effective leadership, and a “just do it” attitude in the pursuit of success.

Art Williams – Just Do It Speech

Through another lens…. define your goals, dream big, develop a plan, and recognize the need to act by paying the price of success.  Pay the price by investing time and money in a way that is consistent and proportional to the goals that you’re pursuing.  If you want to double your profits… pay the price.  If you want to triple your sales… pay that price.  If you want to change the world… pay the price.  There are no exceptions. 

At 1Direction Strategy, we help small business owners focus on the things that are critical to the success of their business and encourage them to strive for more success and a life of great abundance. 

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