5 Guiding Principles For Maintaining A Success Mindset

When I reflect on the top learnings during my time as a coach, unquestionably, the most important is the need to maintain a success mindset to assure great results in business and in life.  What’s really clear is that people that exhibit the characteristics of a success mindset are happier, make better leaders, and are far more likely to achieve or exceed their goals.  Here are my 5 guiding principles for maintaining a success mindset:

  • Success is a matter of choice and you, and you alone, are solely responsible
  • Stay above the “line of choice”
  • Be vulnerable and open to change
  • Set clear and meaningful goals
  • Be decisive and take action

Success in business and in life is largely a matter of choice and you, and you alone, are solely responsible for achieving success, regardless of how, or how big, you define it.  If you are truly able to open your mind to the concept of success as a personal choice, you will be self-empowered and will see the world as a place of incredible opportunity.  You will also begin to develop a greater sense of purpose and a vision for a positive and rewarding future.

It’s important to stay above the “line of choice”; the imaginary boundary in the conscious mind between the positive force arising from ownership, accountability and responsibility for our actions and the negative force arising from blame, denial, and excuses.  Staying above the line of choice reflects a conscious decision to influence the world and the people around us in a positive way. 

The best leadership allow themselves to be vulnerable and open to change.   You’ve heard the adage, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.  As leaders, it’s important to act as agents of positive change.  A mindset that is open to change encourages continuous learning and sharing of new ideas.   This practice promotes personal and professional growth and allows us to quickly leverage opportunities that arise in the pursuit of our goals. 

Set clear and meaningful goals to maintain a success mindset.  Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the part of your brain that serves as a filter between your conscious mind and subconscious mind.  The practice of goal setting thus plays a key role in encouraging your subconscious mind to pursue, and your physical self to ultimately achieve, desired goals and an ideal future.

Finally, the most effective and successful business owners are those who strive to be decisive and take action.  Successful people carefully consider their options.  They have goals and act decisively in the pursuit of desired outcomes.  According to the Law of Probabilities, you are more likely to be successful if you try different strategies and use feedback on outcomes arising from actions taken, as needed, to quickly self-correct.  Weighing options, being decisive, and taking action simply improves the odds that you will eventually find the right solution.

These 5 guiding principles, when applied in business and in everyday life create a powerful force that can bring about incredible success for business owners and those around them. Be encouraged to consult with your Coach on how to develop and maintain a mindset of success.

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