Among the traits of successful business owners is an intrinsic need to define and take charge of their own destiny. They “dream big” and are not limited by obvious hurdles to success. They are flexible and show a willingness to enlist the opinions of others to shape business strategy and stay focused squarely on the things that are aligned with their vision. Let’s examine these destiny-defining habits in more detail.

Successful business owners don’t define their ambitions by the limits of their current skills and capabilities – they dream big. They are unconstrained by the current state of things and shape their future around who they have to be in order to pursue their goals. They take charge of their destiny by developing a plan for success, and embrace challenges, solve problems quickly, and don’t wait for permission to succeed.

Another important habit of these business owners is flexibility – a natural curiosity and willingness to allow others to influence and challenge their views and opinions. They are mindful of the need to enlist help from others in pursuit of their destiny and work to get their teams onboard with the changes needed to translate dreams into reality.

The third destiny-defining habit is focus. These business owners bring “laser beam” focus to their teams through strong, charismatic leadership, clear communications and unwavering commitment to the vision. They practice good time management skills in order to avoid having their days hijacked by other agendas that are misaligned with the vision.

These success defining habits – dream big, flexibility, and focus – combine to create a powerful force in business that enable business owners and their teams to pursue the vision and take charge of their own destiny.

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